Brandon Mychal Smith
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Brandon Mychal Smith
Date of Birth: May 29, 1989
Years active: 2002-present
Genres: Hip hop
Other Occupations: Actor, comedian, singer, dancer, rapper
Relationship with Demi
Relevant Pages

Brandon Mychal Smith is an American actor, comedian, singer, dancer and rapper, best known for his roles as Bug Wendal in Gridiron Gang, Li'l Danny Dawkins in Phil of the Future, Nico Harris in Sonny With a Chance and So Random!, Stubby in Starstruck, and Lord of da Bling in Let It Shine.

Relation with Demi

Smith starred on Sonny With A Chance with Demi and they were both included in the principal cast. On an interview with Cambio, he stated that Demi was like a little sister and they had a great relationship. He also joked about doing a song with her. 

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